Announcing cash deposits and withdrawals through MONEYGRAM!

An intro to our cash on/offramp provider

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2 min readMar 9, 2023

A new partnership!

We are super excited to announce yet another partnership, this time with MONEYGRAM! Our users will be able to deposit and withdraw CASH to and from Beans using the Moneygram onboarding service!

We are slowly building up a network of on/off-ramps that can deposit or withdraw into Beans. We’re proud to be one of the first non-custodial wallets to offer this feature, which will revolutionize the way people think about cross-border payments. With MoneyGram’s network of 300.000+ locations in over 200 countries, Beans users can now withdraw cash almost anywhere in the world, instantly and without any transaction fees*.

Cash deposits and withdrawals for Beans users!

Direct cash withdrawals in almost 200 countries are a massive step forward for all Beans users, and we expect this collaboration with Moneygram to really help make money better!

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What is Beans?

Beans is an app that gives anyone, anywhere in the world, access to free payments and a healthy-yield savings option — all through a simple, straightforward interface. Beans is built on the Stellar blockchain, ideally suited for transactions. Beans is a non-custodial platform, explicitly focusing on easy-of-use, which lets you reap all the rewards that blockchain has to offer — like fast and low-cost transactions, high throughput, and high yields — together with the interoperability of traditional financial systems!

*FX might apply



Beans app

Beans is a non-custodial wallet that offers free payments and a healthy yield. All in a very simple interface.